This blog is an attempt to compile blog posts and content related to health, fitness, diet, wellness, longevity, and living a fulfilling and complete life.

This topic is important to me for a whole host of reasons. I am a cancer survivor since the age of 22, and I have been gifted an early glimpse into infirmity and death. As a result, I have turned my mechanical engineering background and education into a systematic passion for health research. I’ve spent the last 14 years (as of 2019) reading every article, book, and study on every related aspect of health I can find. I think I would consider myself a lay-expert. I’ll let you be the judge of that, if you read a few of my posts.

I don’t know when my cancer will return, but I am dedicated to stacking the deck in my favor to hold it away as long as possible.

Primarily this blog is for my son to have a road map in case I die before he can get all these lessons from me. A lot of the information I share isn’t mainstream. It’s all backed with cite-able science and results, but it isn’t always the official word you’d get from a doctor (due to their often incomplete information on various subjects). The pieces are numerous and we learn more everyday.

I foresee a lot of this information will be buried by the internet over time by selective search results, so I want to make sure it’s preserved for those who want to look here.

I hope you find something useful.


Mark L.