WIR: Artificially Extended Day Length and Fat Storage

Is weight loss simply Calories in VS Calories out? Not if you consult circadian biology and look at things from an evolutionary standpoint.
Part of tuning your circadian biology is making sure you limit the hours that you are bathed in blue spectrum light (like the stuff that comes from LED and fluorescent bulbs, TV and Comp screens). You’re sending chemical signals that are telling your Brown Adipose Tissue to store fat.

This study demonstrates another reason to limit after dark blue light exposure (the light spectrum most prevalent during day time hours) by avoiding late night screen time, switching back to incandescent or near infrared light bulbs in your room (the spectrum is more favorable).

“To find out why people (or in this case mice) gain weight if they are exposed to light for many hours each day, the team placed lab mice in enclosures where the day/night duration was modified—different groups lived with artificial daylight lasting for 12, 16 and even 24 hours for over a month. …
In looking at the efficiency levels of the BAT, the team found that the mice that were exposed to longer amounts of light, not only gained weight (despite having the same amount of food and exercise as mice not exposed to long light times) but their BAT efficiency declined. Thus, long duration light periods, caused the body to store more food energy, rather than release it as heat. The team suggests this likely applies to people as well and goes back to our early history where summer time (with more daylight hours) meant storing up fat to keep us warm in cold winters.”

-Don’t hide from the sun, it’s dose depended but you need exposure.-Don’t lather yourself in estrogenic sunscreen that blocks the essential UVb spectrum which is needed for vitamin D production and can interrupt your endocrine system-Get some sun on your face and in your eyes in the morning hours to help reset your circadian biology,-buy bluelight blocking glasses and/or stop using electronic screens after sun down. -Keep your room dark at night.


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