WIR: NSAIDs and Impairment of Tissue Adaptation Post Exercise

NSAIDs (tylenol, etc) prevent an athlete from realizing their full physical potential by blunting the feedback mechanisms (inflammation and pain response post training) which dulls the body’s adaptation to the stresses involved in the weight lifting. There is a complex response to a stress on the muscles that, if interrupted, won’t allow the body to adapt to the stress and ultimately wastes the time of the athlete.

Stress (lifting) > Response (micro muscle tears, inflammation) > Adaptation (stronger, hypertrophy)

It’s better to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by moving the muscle through full range of motion and loading the muscle in some way. Blood and nutrients brought in by movement are what bring repair substrates to the muscle and cause an adaptation.

Lay off the regular Advil and Tylenol use.

This study goes into the Extracellular Matrix of the connective tissues and how they form and how stress causes adaptation to the work.

Link to Study

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